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Michaela Gloria

Michaela Gloria is an abstract painter originally from the Czech Republic who now finds inspiration and living space in Brazil. Her artistic work is set in the context of a fascination with the microworld, the macrostructures of the Earth and the colorful textures of nature that she finds around her. 


What makes her work unique is her creative approach to materials. Experimenting with natural elements such as sand and clay, she creates not only a visual but also a tangible experience for viewers. Another unique element in her work is the use of her own pigment from the urucum plant, which is used by indigenous Brazilian tribes to paint on the body. These combinations with traditional practices and local materials add another layer of meaning to her paintings, connecting abstract art with Brazil's rich cultural history.


Michaela Gloria is thus not only a creator of visual poetry but also an explorer of the connection between artistic expression and the natural elements that surround her.

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